: Ancestry DNA kit Activation, How to Take You’re Sample, Step by Step Procedure

Have you lost contact with your relatives visit Are you curious about who you are and where you came from?

Well here in this article we will share with you a most profound and modern way of finding your blood relations and your racial history. – Create An Ancestry Account:

Do want to send your sample for a test? Well for that purpose you need to make sure that you already have an account at Ancestry:

  • Visit the official web page of Ancestry at LINK
  • “Sign In” by entering your username / Email  and  Password ( if you already have an account)

If you don’t have an account then sign up first:

  1. 1.      Visit the official webpage at
  2. 2.      enter your full name.
  3. 3.      enter your address.
  4. 4.      provide your email address.
  5. 5.      write and  confirm  password.
  6. 6.      carefully read the terms and conditions
  7. 7.      click “ Continue”

Activate your Ancestry DNA kit:

In order to send you test sample to the organization you need to activate your DNA kit online. This procedure is important because it ensures your privacy and help the staff identify your sample and also minimize the chances of human error. You will receive a DNA kit consisting of:

  1. 1.      collecting Tube
  2. 2.      cap and a funnel
  3. 3.      Collecting bag

Your Collecting Tube has a 15 digit activation code on it. This activation code would be required as you would proceed further to activate your DNA kit online. For online activation of your DNA kit proceed as following:

  1. 1.      Visit the official website at
  2. 2.      Select the name you want to proceed as. Press “Next”
  3. 3.      Enter the 15 digit activation code. Press “Next” ( do not add hyphen)
  4. 4.      “About You” portal will open
  5.  5.     Enter your bit year and sex
  6. 6.      Carefully read the “ DNA Processing consent”
  7. 7.      Click the square box at the bottom to ensure that you agree with the terms and conditions
  8. 8.      Press “Next”

Further below you will be asked whether you want to be matched or not. This match is based on the already available records of people at ancestry. If you press “YES” you would be visible to your closely related matches. While if you press ”NO” ,then you won’t be matched and your privacy would not be interrupted at all.

  1. 9.      Choose “YES” Or “ NO”
  2. 10.  Select your Ethnicity (this page would only be visible if you had selected “ YES” previously, these contents would also be visible to your matches)
  3. 11.  Submit your data by clicking “ Activate Kit”

How to take your Sample:

            Once your Ancestry DNA Kit has been activated the only procedure left is taking your sample. The kit is designed to take your salivary sample rather than a blood sample. This no-prick procedure is very user friendly and hardly takes up to 20 seconds. Make sure that you have not ingested smoke, gum, drugs, food or water 30 minutes before the test. Given below is the step by step procedure:

  1. 1.      Fill the collecting tube up to the mark with your saliva
  2. 2.      Replace the funnel with the cap
  3. 3.      Close the cap tightly until the stabilizer solution is released
  4. 4.       Keep Shaking the tube  for about 5 seconds
  5. 5.      Put the tube in the collecting bag
  6. 6.      Mail it to the provided address

A few important things need to be kept in mind that without the activation of your ancestry DNA Kit prior to the sampling would not be registered and you would not receive your result. Also while entering your 15 digit code, you must not put hyphens, this is because the computerized system would reject your entry and it would not be approved. For safer side always keep your collecting tube and its box with you until you receive your results. This is because in case your sample gets displaced you might be asked your ancestry code once case you have lost your code, you can claim another kit at: 

 OR visit their site at:

About Ancestry:

Ancestry is an organization that perform DNA testing on its clients to help them find their loved ones. Ancestry claims to have obtained about 20 billion records that have formulated about 100 Million family trees. People who are interested in knowing more about their ancestral history submit their salivary samples at ancestry who then test the samples and match them with other samples.

The best possibilities then create family trees. These family trees thus formed gives a brief idea of one’s racial, geographical, tribal background. Ancestry has already helped many people find their loved ones through gene analysis. Ancestry has no doubt used the modern knowledge of genetics to restore.the connection between humans and their ancestral forefathers.

Ancestry also claims to give a 99.9% authentic result ,not only this but the other details such as birth year , birthplace, parental details, grandparents name , all these combine to give you a more reliable match. They make sure that the details that you provide are authentic so the results are true.

Ancestry proves to be one of the largest library for record collection. It stores not only the genetic information of individuals but photos, scriptures, documents and much more. On their official website at they have shared their real client’s reviews and personal experiences of finding out more about their ancestors and finding out lost relatives through ancestry.


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