How to prepare to have a baby when you are tight on your pocket

Having a baby is an expensive business, therefore, some families having a tight budget put their personal needs aside while saving a bit more for their baby. While some are in a better financial position and can afford that expensive trade. However, some smart moves can help all of us to save a lot more than we expect while spending on baby shopping. If one is prepared well and go on shopping without pre-planning then they are more likely to end up spending a lot more than they should be.

Having a baby with a little budget is not impossible, however, it’s easy to overwhelm with common concepts of people but the truth is something different. Here are some ideas which will help you a lot to go through the whole process a lot more easily while saving much more than you expected.

how to prepare for a baby

How to prepare for a baby

Here are some tips which you can adopt to get prepared for a baby while saving a little bit more what you are expecting as a cost of having a baby.

Start budgeting beforehand

It’s really essential that you start saving for your upcoming baby early on before the things even started – i.e. pregnancy. Your baby budget will be spent on the items which are necessary for his/her survival including clothing, diapers, food, etc. Rather than spending too much on your house utilities keep the things limited to only items which are necessary. You can either save each month and allocate the amount for your baby budget or contribute a small amount each day. In addition to the above spending with proper planning when shopping for baby items will help a lot to prevent overspending. You can even start a savings account to protect your home from a financial crisis in the case of delivery expenses and other related spending.

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Controlling your utility bills

By simply adopting a few habits a typical household can easily lower their utility bills, such habits include turning-off useless lights and using sunlight in day-time as much as possible. Turning-off air-conditions or heating in idle rooms, and if still, your electricity bill is higher than you may consider switching the provider. Similarly, you have to reconsider your gas usage and even mobile phone bills or if it’s necessary you may consider switching providers for both services to bring your expenses under control. These savings will help a household to make your baby budget grow even at more speed then you think.

Checking-up for insurance

Ensure that you have a perfect insurance plan which will support you during the pregnancy scenario. Since not having insurance will make the whole process a bit more costly than you plan that’s why we recommend having insurance for both you and your baby. In case you don’t qualify for insurance or can’t afford the cost then Medicaid is an option for those. If it’s also not a viable option then consider an insurance plan to cover minor health issues and medications.

Hunt for promotions & discounts

There are a number of baby items which you have to buy even if you already have a number of things by a former baby. For such items always put your efforts in search of sales and promotions and for that, you can also subscribe to weekly flyers from all popular stores including Walmart, Amazon, Target, Babies R US and list continues. Almost every store comes up with multiple offers each week you can shop for such deals to shop within your budget. Just like you can shop for diapers even for a whole year stock if find a perfect cheap deal at any time.

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Consider breastfeeding your baby

If you are looking to save money then you may consider breastfeeding your baby, although it’s a bit controversial topic in the community this approach can help you save on formula milk which is ridiculously expensive.  One may also go for a breast pump to make the whole process comfortable and less time-consuming. Breastfeeding is free and can act as a reliever for your pocket in addition to that it has multiple benefits for your baby.

Consider cloth diapers

Diapers often cost a lot more and become a weekly load on one’s pocket where they put their part of income for diapers. Instead, you can use cloth diapers if that’s OK with you since it can help you to save a lot. In addition to that cloth diapers now come with multiple options rather than old white version to fit in current fashions and look of your baby.

Think about earning extra income

Getting extra money besides your routine revenue can be helpful to decrease the stress on your pocket during the whole pregnancy process and having a baby. For that purpose, one could even start a side business and there are a number of ideas available online. On the other hand blogging and getting money out of it is another option. Besides that online surveys and free gift cards online can also be an option for some to contribute an extra amount towards your baby budget.

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