10 Kroger shopping hacks every shopper must know to save money & time

Kroger is renowned in the community for its prices and bargains. However, a savvy shopper always trying to get some other ways to get more savings while shopping for grocery. Kroger is committed to keeping its position as the cheapest price point that’s why the company is investing in buy-out strategies for crushing the market competition.

Kroger shopping hacks – Everyone must know

Every shopper at Kroger saves but here are some smart hacks to help an average buyer save a bit more than before. Let’s start about how one can get most of each visit to Kroger stores;

Kroger shopping hacks

1.      Download mobile app

Kroger allows its customers to manage the rewards and fuel points within the mobile app. In addition to that, a consumer can also make its own shopping list, get weekly deals & offers, and order from the app and then pick-up from the nearest location.

2.      10% off for senior citizens

Kroger offers a special 10% discount to people at age 55 or more. This offer is valid on first Tuesday every month but this offer is location specific and not available at all stores. To get the offer you must ask from your local outlet first.

3.      Free Friday deals

On each Friday Kroger offers free items to its customers but for that, you need to go online and make an account at Kroger.com then download a coupon to enjoy the offer. Each Friday the offers are different and you have to download the coupon between 12:00 am – 11:59 pm PT and expire after 14 days.

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4.      Fuel points on each $1 spent

When shopping at Kroger every customer earns 1 fuel points for each $1 spend via shopper’s card. 1,000 fuel points will get you $1 off on your next refuel. Keep in mind that fuel points reset on each month and don’t forget to keep track of your collecting points and use them before they expire.

5.      Customer survey to win up to $5,000

Don’t through your shopping receipt by Kroger and look for the invitation at customer satisfaction survey and get a chance for jackpot win of $5,000. Kroger offers 50 fuel points for just participating in the survey and 1 winner with $5,000 prize every month. It may worth that you spend your 7 minutes to answer a few questions and in return get a chance to win a big lot.

6.      Avoid rush hours

Don’t shop during rush hours and avoid long queues at billing counters. Avoid the time between 4pm-6pm during weekdays and on weekends go early in the morning or late at night. This is just to prevent any inconvenience you may experience when people are impatient and not allowing others to go for couponing.

7.      Look for Catalina coupons

When you choose for self-pay and at registers the Catalina machine prints-up long receipts which are actually coupons. Average shopper considers such receipts as a useless piece of paper, but in fact, they are coupons which you can redeem on your next trip at Kroger store.

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8.      Hunt for items with close expiry

At the Kroger store, you often encounter ‘SPECIAL DEALS’ with different titles but all tagged at a cheap price. Such items are left with short expiry date therefore available at a low price, people often call these type of deals as manager specials. Every outlet presents such offers with different label lines but you will find a special red or yellow attractive color on the product package.

9.      Buy one get one free offer

At Kroger, you will find the ‘Buy one Get one Free’ offer in a different style. On a typical store, you will be charged for one product under such offers. But at Kroger, you may have noticed that such offers charge your half price for both products means 50% OFF on the regular price under such promotions.

10. Sign-up for 1-2-3 rewards visa debit card

To earn more points on each $1 spent at Kroger stores you may like to get into 1-2-3 visa prepaid debit card. This helps you to earn 1 point you spent via Visa, earn 2 points at Kroger stores and 3 points on every $1 spent on buying Kroger brand products. You will get $5 off on grocery for every 1,000 points collected under this program.

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