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If you have recently been provided with your requested Sam’s credit Card but you don’t know how to activate it, then stay with us as we would be guiding you towards your card activation soon.

Also if Sam’s club seems to be an alienated term for you let us first introduce you to America’s one of the largest retail stores you have been looking for.

About Sam’s Club:

Sam’s club is a departmental store owned by Walmart founded in 1983.it was founded by Sam Walton. It constitutes of departments majorly Home, grocery, electronics, household essentials, health Beauty and other departments.

About 599 stores of Sam’s Club are run across the various states of United States the yearly sale of 2019 is estimated to be of about $57.839 billion which makes Sam’s Club second largest warehouse business.

The club offers various credit card offers to its users. These credit cards may or may not be used anywhere else other than the club’s franchises or at Walmart.

Sam’s club offers its customers annual memberships that cost 45$ yearly. These memberships gives the members access to many services that the warehouse provides.

The online website of Sam’s club allows you to order the desired products at your door steps. Sam’s club is also the first retail store which has introduced the smart mobile app that helps you pay through your mobile.

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This facility is currently available only at one of the Sam’s outlets in Dallas “Mobile first” app allows you to scan and pay.

Become a Sam’s Club Member:

            Sam’s club online website allows you to create your personal account.This account would only be beneficial if you are considering to become a Sam’sclub member.  The account can be createdsimply by visiting www.samsclub.com/and following the steps given below:

  • 1- So, if you are already a member just sign in to your account.
  • 2- In order to sign up , click at the drop down menu at sign In button
  • 3- Click at Join Now
  • 4- Select any of the two Sam’s credit cards
  • 5- Enter your full name
  • 6- Enter your Email
  • 7- Create your password
  • 8- Click Continue

Once you are a Sam’s club member, you can now login to youronline account and enjoy the services that include Online shopping from Sam’sclub website, view your transactions, watch your cash backs, and the facilityto pay online.

Online Card Activation:

The Sam’s club members choose a suitable credit card for themselves. Theses credit cards once received must be activated via an online procedure.

The activation procedure ensures that the card is with the rightful owner and not displaced. The following guidelines would help you activate your newly received Sam’s Credit card:

  • 1- Visit www.samsclubcredit.com/activate
  • 2- Mention your credit card Number ( 16 digits)
  • 3- Mention your zip code
  • 4- Click Enter
  • 5- Next page will appear
  • 6- Mention credentials that are required
  • 7- Create username
  • 8- Create password
  • 9- Carefully read terms and conditions
  • 10- Click Submit
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For security purposes, you willreceive an email confirming that you have requested for card activation. Onceconfirmed your card will be activated. You will now be able to use your cardfor paying bills or accessing cash for your purchases at Walmart or any of the Sam’sclub outlets.

Sam’s Club Credit Card Features:

Sam’s club credit card can opted by the members of Sam’s club. These are specifically Sam’s personalized cards that are not accepted anywhere else other than Sam’s club or at Walmart.

The cards can provide with various offers, promotions and discounts to its cardholders. Sam’s offers mainly two type of cards to its members. Sam’s Club credit card or Sam’s Club Master Card.

both these cards have distinct features and the cardholders can choose between the two according to their own preferences .Sam’s club credit Card  provides its users with the following utilities

  • 1- Accepted at Sam’s Club as well as Walmart
  • 2- Zero annual fee
  • 3- Online access at
  • 4- Gives up to $100 cash access
  • 5- No charges for foreign transactions

Sam’s club Master card has someadditional features which the club credit lacks. The club credit card does notgive cash back rewards while the master card does. Not only this, but all theutilities that are provided by club credit also included in the Club mastercredit card as well.

  • 1- Cash back reward of 5% at Gas
  • 2- Cash back reward of 3% at traveling
  • 3- Cash back reward of 1% at every purchase
  • 4- Zero annual Fee
  • 5- Accepted at Walmart as well as Sam’s club
  • 6- Online management
  • 7- Cash access up to $100
  • 8- Zero fees over foreign transactions
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For Any Further queries:

            A detailed guidelinehave been provided in the above article but still if you still have anyquestions about the card activation or regarding any other topic, you cancontact the Sam’s club’s Customer service number given below