www.sonypictures.com/uvredeem – Redeem Your Sony Pictures Ultraviolet Code:

UltraViolet is a cloud-based digital right locker that allows the user to assemble, access and watch films and TV shows. UltraViolet allows the user to share access up to five additional people. Check in www.sonypictures.com/uvredeem to watch or add movies and TV shows to Ultraviolet Collection.

www.sonypictures.com/uvredeem – Features of Sony Pictures UV Redeem:

  • Enables consumer to Redeem their UltraViolet code.
  • Redemption code would be either on the sticker or the insert that was incorporated with the DVD or Blu-ray disc.
  • You can contact the phone number given below if you have any query related to Redeem UltraViolet service of Sony Pictures.
  • The Sony Pictures UV Redeem site www.sonypictures.com/uvredeem is managed by Sony Online Entertainment.

Sony Redemption Code FAQ:

  • The only specialty marked Sony Pictures Blu-rays and DVDs have redemption code.
  • There is a specific time frame after which you cannot add a movie or TV show the UltraViolet Library.
  • Only those movies and TV shows with UltraViolet rights can be added to the UltraViolet Library.

Activation of UV Library:

Following are the steps required for signing up of UltraViolet Library:

  1. Visit the UltaViolet Library official site that is sonypicturesstore.com
  2. Hit the icon “Sign Up now”.
  3. Enter your name, E-mail address, birth date, and country carefully.
  4. Create and enter Username and Password.
  5. Please enter the redemption code carefully.
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The account is expired automatically if a member fails to access the account for straight 12 months, customer needs to make a new one. UltraViolet Library does not require any credit card information. For More information Check in www.sonypictures.com/uvredeem.